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German Tooling Systems Sdn. Bhd
., ever since our inception in October of 1993 we believed that quality has always been our policy. We offer a wide range of High Quality Tools, Measuring Instruments and of course, our GTS quality service and technical support.
Staffed by a team of well trained and qualified Professionals, Engineers and Skilled Technicians. We have acquired considerable expertise to be able to provide consultancy and economic selection of tools and services in today's sophisticated metalworking industries and demanding manufacturing needs. At GTS,we act immediately to customer's problems & provide vital after sales support technically & find the optimum solutions. Periodically visits by our principals with the latest in news and technology. Additionally, our inventory of stock is very intensive and capable to meet urgent requirements instantly.Our experiences and vast exposure has brought us recognition throughout the years as a trusted partner in this replika jam tangan specialise field. Our presence are in the automotive, aerospace, defence, education, mould & die making, electronics & etc......The GTS workforce comprises of competent, experienced and professionally qualified individuals who are young, dynamic and committed to the common objectives of prompt service and quality achievements.


Name of Company : German Tooling Systems Sdn Bhd (278435-W)
Business Address : 33, Jalan Puteri 5/20
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Business Nature : Import, Supply and Technical Consultation
Telephone No : 603-8068 2331
Fax No : 603-8068 2386
Email :
Date Established : 1993
Trade Name / Classification:
  • Thread Rolling Tools
  • HSS Reamers, Countersinks & Counterbores
  • Precision Threads Cutting Tools
  • Carbide Inserts, Turning & Milling Tools
  • Miniature Cutting Tools for Turning & Milling
  • General Workshop Equipment & Tools
  • HSS-Co & Carbide Endmills
  • Twist Drills
  • Knurling & Marking Tools
  • Solid Carbide Endmills For High Precision Machining
  • Milling Tools for Mold & Die
  • Ceramic, Cermet, PCD & CBN Inserts
  • Metal-Cutting Bandsaws
  • Precision Measuring Instrument & Equipments
  • Precision Fine Boring Tools & Arbors
  • Roller Burnishing Tools
  • Static & Driven Tools for CNC Turn Mill & Mill Turn
  • Gun Drills, Taps & Dies, Custom-Made Cutting Tools,
    Machine Shop Accessories & Equipments,
    Application & Technical Solutions

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